Cambridge Canine Activity Group (CCAG) GDPR Privacy Policy. Version 01

1. Information About Us

We are a Companion Dog Training Club, formed to encourage the fun participation, teaching and enjoyment of obedience and agility training for all interested handlers and their canine companions.

Obedience and Agility is a great fun way to interact with your dog. It can help strengthen the bond between you both, provide important mental stimulation, and is good exercise for the pair of you!

2. What Does This Policy Cover?

The CCAG Privacy Policy covers the listing of personal data collected, its storage and how the data is used by CCAG from each member. It explains how your personal data is stored, accessed and by whom. It explains how the security of the retained data is ensured and what steps are in place should the security of the data storage system be breached and the data accessed.

3. Data Collected

The data collected for each member is a minimal set of essential details and consists of the following:

a) Members name.

b) Members postal address.

c) Members landline Telephone Number.

d) Members Mobile telephone number.

e) Members email address.

f) Dogs name.

g) Dogs age.

h) Dogs breed.

The CCAG website does not place 'Cookies' on your computer / tablet or phone nor does it use 'Google Analytics' to compile 'hit' data counts.

4. How Do We Use Your Data?

Details a) to e) from section 3 are used for recording membership of CCAG and general contact. This might include details of events such as dog walks, fun days, invitations to other clubs dog shows etc. While such details will normally be posted on the CCAG website or Facebook page, last minute changes may need to be sent to members via email or SMS.

Data from f) to h) allows CCAG to associated each dog to it's correct owner.

5. How and Where Do We Store Your Data?

Members collected personal data is stored on a personnel computer hard disc drive and also, a hard copy placed in a file.

CCAG are committed to protecting your privacy.

6. Do We Share Your Data?

Any personal data collected and retained by CCAG is solely used for the purpose and activities of CCAG. Under no circumstances are members details sold, exchanged or otherwise passed onto a third party, either an individual or a commercial activity.

7. What Happens If Control Of CCAG Changes Hands?

Only the membership information relating to currently attending members will be retained and forwarded, as any new owner may not wish to honour life membership for those no longer attending classes.

8. How Can You Control Your Data?

Members cannot directly control their personal data held by CCAG. Members data is held securely off-line, there are no webpage links allowing members to access their personal data.

If a member wishes for their personal data to be amended in any way or deleted, then they will need to contact CCAG using the contact information in section 13. As a further safeguard, you may be asked security questions to verify your identity.

9. Your Right to Withhold Information

You have the right to withhold certain information of your choice however doing so could result in CCAG not being able to contact you with information such as cancelled classes or changes of venue etc.

Withholding information regarding your dog(s) would also prevent CCAG contacting you regarding the latest class news and events.

If for any reason you object to your name, dogs name, photograph etc being published on the CCAG website or Facebook page, then you should write to CCAG stating that you wish such details to be withheld from publication. CCAG will make every reasonable effort to comply with your request. Please note that CCAG only have content control of the CCAG website, any posting on Facebook are under the control of Facebook (whose shareholders include Microsoft and Digital Sky Technology (a Russian Internet company).

10. How Can You Access Your Data?

You cannot gain direct access to the retained data held on CCAGs computers however you can make a request in writing to be informed of all your personal data being retained by CCAG.

Following such a request CCAG are obliged to provide a copy of all such data retained and held on their computer including data stored in archive and backup file locations. Copies of any hardcopy details (signed membership forms) will also be provided.

11. What happens if my personal data is stolen?

Under GDPR, any breach of security leading to unauthorised access of personal data has to be reported by CCAG to the ICO (Information Commissioners' Office) within 72 hours.

The details of how CCAG respond to a breach of personal data can be found in the "CCAG Personal Data Breach Policy".

12. Changes To The Privacy Policy

Any changes to the CCAG Privacy Policy will be placed here and will supersede this version of our Policy. CCAG will take reasonable steps to draw your attention to any changes in the Privacy Policy. CCAG suggest that you read this document each time you use the website to ensure that it still meets with your approval.

13. Contacting CCAG

To contact CCAG use the following email or mobile telephone number:

Martin Gowler

Email: ccag2014@gmail.com

Mob: 07875 245596