Agility training classes are available (for current members only) for you and your canine companion at our secure outdoor training facility at Blackers Hill Farm, Needingworth.

Whatever your level, whatever your experience, whatever breed your dog; we encourage you to come, have ago, and experience the fun you can both have together.

Agility is a great way to stimulate your dog, and will strengthen the bond between you as you both enjoy a fun activity.

Training classes take place on a Sunday. Agility is traditionally for dogs approaching 18 months old and over, but we offer a Beginners Class for those starting out, and an Improvers Class for those looking to progress.

Beginners Class is for any dogs new to, or inexperienced at Agility, wishing to take their first steps at learning this fun activity. Our experienced instructors will guide you through how to learn and progress on the equipment, and as you become more confident and proficient, you will want to do more.

Improvers Class is where dogs, who can use all the items of equipment, learn to improve their technique and attempt more challenging courses.

Our ethos, is that above all, it must remain fun for you and your dog. You can do as much or as little as you want; but beware, it’s addictive!

If you find you want to start competing, we can offer advice there too.

Beginners Class - 11am

Improvers Class - 12.15pm

For more information on our Agility Classes, go to the Contacts page and get in touch with Martin.