We are a Companion Dog Training Club, formed to encourage the fun participation, teaching and enjoyment of obedience and agility training for all interested handlers and their canine companions.

Obedience and Agility is a great fun way to interact with your dog. It can help strengthen the bond between you both, provide important mental stimulation, and is good exercise for the pair of you!

Agility is suitable for most dogs, not just Border Collies! We have dogs of all shapes and sizes joining us for training. Our experienced instructors will take you through the basics of how to use the equipment and give you tips on how you both can improve and get more from your new found activity. The rest, as they say, is entirely up to you. Beware though, it’s addictive!

Come along and have a go. There’s no pressure to do any more than you want to; and the most important thing is that it remains fun for both you and your dog.

Obedience is vital for your dog, no matter what their age. We run variety of classes to help you get the most from life with your canine companion.

Our ‘Classes’ page will tell you what we do and where, and you can then go to our ‘Contacts’ page to get in touch with us to get you and your dog started.

Puppy Training Classes

Monday evenings at 6.30pm

Training is vital to give your new puppy the right start in life.  Our experienced instructors will guide you through the basic exercises to teach your new bundle of life, and offer tips and advice on all aspects of training.  We offer a 6 week rolling training class, which means you and your puppy can join in at anytime.

For more information click on link: Puppy Classes

Training Update

Classes are Currently Suspended


6.30pm - Puppy Class

7.30pm - Beginners Class

8.30pm - Novice Class


5.30pm - Beginners Class

6.30pm - Beginners Class

7.30pm - Improvers Class

8.30pm - Novice Class


5.45pm - Beginners Class

6.45pm - Junior Class

8pm - Intermediate Class

Obedience Training Classes are held every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Evening - see ‘Classes’ page

Agility Training Classes are on Sunday Morning and are for selcected Members Only

Latest News - Covid-19 Coronavirus

Given the current serious health situation facing the country, we have decided to suspend all training classes for the time being.

We will review this and provide an update at the beginning of April.

A number of our members are elderly, and have underlying health issues; and it is with them particularly in mind that we have reached this decision.

It is important that we continue to exercise and stimulate our dogs through training at home. If you have any questions, or need advice during this time, please contact us.